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Spaces are limited and registration is first come-first served. There are no make-up classes, no drop-in students and no single classes permitted during the summer.

If you are unsure of your child’s level placement, please click here for age guidelines. If you have any further questions, please call the front desk at (310) 828-2018 or email Nanette Vallas, Managing Director, at

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For Workshops, days and class times are indicated in the program descriptions.


Session 1 (June 20 – July 1)​
Session 2 (July 18 – July 29)

FACULTY: Martine Harley, Melissa Barak, Francine Kessler Lavac, Sophie Monat, Carol Youngjohn, Aimée Gaudio, Michele Bachar Mendicelli, Caprice Walker, Liz Wasynczuk, Evan Swenson, Mizuki Sako, Natalia Velarde, James Ady.


Creative Movement (3 Yrs.) Wednesday​ 9:00-9:45​ (1) 45 min. class per week ​​$50.00 per session

Pre Ballet A/B (4/5 Yrs.) ​Monday ​​9:00-9:45 ​(1) 45 min. class per week ​​$50.00 per session

Pre Ballet C/Ballet 1 (6/7 Yrs.) ​Thursday​ 8:30-9:30 ​(1) 1 hr.class per week ​​$60.00 per session

Ballet 2 (8 Yrs.) Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-10:30 & 10:30-11:30 ​(2) Ballet classes (2) Jazz classes ​$200.00 per session

Teen Ballet​ (11 Yrs to 18 Yrs.) Monday 12:30-1:30 Wednesday 2:30-3:30 (2) 1 hr. classes ​​​$100.00 per session

Session 1 (June 20 – July 1)​
Session 2 (July 18 – July 29)

GUEST FACULTY INCLUDES: Ms. Pat Neary (NYCB), Nilas Martins (NYCB), Indiana Woodward (NYCB), Sarah Hay (Semperoper Ballett), Sadie Black (Texas Ballet Theatre, Barak Ballet).


Ballet 3/3+

3 classes per day/5 days per week: 1 ¼ hour daily technique class Jazz, Flamenco, Mime, Dance History, Dance Conditioning and Ballet Repertoire $960.00 per session

Ballet 4/4+

3 classes per day/5 days per week: 1 ½ hour daily technique class, Pointe (Ballet 4+), Flamenco (Ballet 4), Dance Conditioning, Jazz and Variations $1015.00 per session

Advanced (Ballet 5, 5+ 6 and 7)

4 classes per day/5 days per week: 1 ½ hr. technique/1 hour pointe (daily), Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Variations, Flamenco, and Dance Conditioning. $1305.00 per session


Teen Ballet Workshop
July 5–8
3:30-6:30 4 days a week/3 hours per day.
Daily Technique, Focused concentration on center floor work, Strengthening and Conditioning. For students who are new to ballet or have recently begun they’re training, ages 11 to 18.

Children’s Creative Workshop (Ballet 2/3/3+)
July 11–15
10:00-2:00 5 days/4 hours per day.
Ms. Mizuki
Daily Technique Class & Design-A-Ballet: Choose Music, Choreograph, Design and Paint a backdrop, Design a Costume.

Intermediate Creative Workshop (Ballet 4/4+/5)
July 11–15
10:00-2:00 5 days/4 hours per day.
Ms. Caprice/Ms. Mizuki
Daily Technique Class and Pre-Pointe or Pointe Class & Design-A-Ballet: Choose Music, Choreograph a solo or group piece, Design a backdrop, Design and create a Costume.


For Advanced Students, Ballet 5+, 6 and 7.

• In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated (June 13–17)

• Bournonville (August 1–5)

• Serenade (August 8–12)

• Swan Lake (August 15–17)

Details provided below.

“In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated” with Sarah Hay (Semperoper Ballett)

June 13–17

1:30-5:30 $600.00

4 hours – Class and Workshop

Choreographer: William Forsythe

William Forsythe is an esteemed American choreographer who has helmed the Ballet Frankfurt (1984–2004) and The Forsythe Company (2005–2015). From 2015 to 2021, Forsythe was the inaugural Professor of the Glorya Kaufman School of Dance at the University of Southern California, as well as artistic advisor at the University’s Choreographic Institute. Commissioned by Rudolf Nureyev in 1988, Forsythe choreographed In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated. The ballet, originally starring Sylvie Guillem, is now regarded as his most famous work. Forsythe’s choreography explores the boundaries of classical ballet, infusing refined structure with the radical dynamism of modern movement.

“Bournonville” with Nilas Martins (NYCB)

August 1–5

1:30-5:30 $600.00

4 hours – Class and Workshop

Choreographer: August Bournonville

Dancer and choreographer August Bournonville (1805-1879, Copenhagen) directed the Royal Danish Ballet for nearly 50 years, establishing the joyful and expressive Danish style. By combining virtuoso dancing and emphatic mime, Bournonville’s works convey a uniquely human quality. His beloved version of La Sylphide was staged in 1836, adapted from Taglioni’s original work. Other famous ballets include Napoli (1842), Le Conservatoire (1849), The Kermesse in Bruges (1851) and A Folk Tale (1854).


August 8–12

11:30-3:30 $600.00

4 hours – Class and Workshop

Choreographer: George Balanchine

“It is hard to think of the ballet world without the colossal presence of George Balanchine …” As one of the most prolific choreographers of all time, Balanchine created a staggering 465 works throughout the 20th century. Born in Russia and trained in the classical Vaganova method, his distinctive style and innovative choreographic approach redefined ballet; an enduring influence which continues to inspire dancers and choreographers worldwide. His teaching technique and choreography are meticulously upheld by the school and company that he founded: the School of American Ballet, and New York City Ballet. Serenade, choreographed in 1934, is a landmark work that heralded Balanchine’s arrival in America as his first creation in New York. The sweeping majesty of Tchaikovsky’s music enhances a pure dance experience that is incomparable for dancers and audiences alike.

“Swan Lake” with Indiana Woodward (NYCB)

August 15–17

4:30-7:30 $360.00

3 hours – Class and Workshop

Choreographer: Marius Petipa

Composed by Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake is arguably the most famous of all ballets. The 1885 revival by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov is the version upon which most productions are based to this day; a testament to the timeless popularity of this exquisite work. Encompassing all the quintessential elements of classical ballet, Swan Lake’s exemplary choreography and magnificent score give dancers the opportunity to perfect their technique and artistry to the highest measure.

Photography by Todd Lechtick and Anne Slattery

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