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June 24 to July 26, 2019

Registration is by mail or in person. Please call to get a registration packet mailed to you.

Westside School of Ballet:


1709 Stewart Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Students can register by the week or for the full intensive.

This program is for students from level 2 to 7. All students move up a level in the summer so current level 1 students are eligible to apply.

If your child is not currently enrolled in Westside School of Ballet, please contact us to confirm if your child needs a placement class. You can call the front desk at (310) 828-2018 or email Nanette Vallas at nanette@westsideballet.com

In-person or by-mail registration must be submitted to assure your child’s enrollment.

Our Summer Intensive students will need additional dance apparel for the various dance classes that will be offered.  Please call the studio or click here for more details.

Photo: Todd Lechtick   Dancer: Renee Spaltenstein

Lower Division
Caprice Walker, Associate Artistic Director

(Ages 8 – 11), Levels 2, 3, 4, & 4+
Skilled preparatory training in classical ballet for children who have completed Ballet I or equivalent.

Levels 2 & 3 include Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Repertoire, Mime, Crafts, Folk, Choreography, Ballet History and Flamenco.

Level 4 (Level A in Summer) includes Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Repertoire, Jazz, Modern and Flamenco.

Level 4+ (Level B in Summer) includes Ballet, Beginning Pointe, Repertoire, Jazz, Modern and Flamenco

Upper Division
Francine Kessler-Lavac, Associate Artistic Director

(Ages 12 – 18), Levels 5, 5+, 6 & 7
(Levels B & C in Summer)
Intensive training for the dedicated ballet student.

Emphasis on Classical Ballet, Pointe, Variations (solos) & Repertoire (corps work), Modern, Jazz, Dance Conditioning and Wellness Workshops for a well-rounded curriculum essential for today’s pre-professional dancers.

Younger Lower Division: Pre-Ballet & Level 1
Caprice Walker, Associate Artistic Director

(Ages 5 – 7) Levels 1, Pre-Ballet B, and Pre-Ballet C
All dancers will move up to the next Level after our last Spring class on Saturday, June 13th.
Those dancers will take Pre-Ballet A again next Fall.
We will be offering Pre-Ballet A classes for Summer.

Please call the front desk if you have any questions.

A minimum number of students is needed to offer these classes.
If you register and we have enough students, we will have no refunds regardless of circumstances.




New to Westside? Our classes are ongoing — join at any time!

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