Summer Supply List

It is recommend that all levels bring:

Plastic or metal water bottle
(We have a filtered water fountain and bottle filler, and water bottles for purchase.)
A ballet bag or duffel bag that will hold all of the dancer’s clothes and shoes.

Dancer needs to keep all belongings together and take all belongings with them to class. Please do not leave items in the dressing rooms.

Westside Ballet is not responsible for loss or theft of phones, iPads, jewelry or any other personal items.

Please label the inside of all dance and street shoes. 


Black tights, white T-shirt, white socks and white ballet shoes (canvas or leather), dance belt, canvas belt for tights, jazz shoes. (If you already have black ballet shoes, it is not necessary to buy a white pair) 


Creative Movement: White
Pre-Ballet A: Light Yellow
Pre-Ballet B: Lavender
Pre-Ballet C: Fuchsia 
Level 1: White
Level 2: Light Pink
Level 3: Light Blue 
Level 3+: Royal Blue 
Level 4: Forest Green 
Level 4+: Seafoam Green 
Level 5: Burgundy 
Level 5+: Blackberry 
Level 6: Navy Blue 
Level 7: Black 


Ballet Shoes
Pink Tights or tights to match skin tone 
Hair ties and hair pins
Jazz Shoes 
Jazz Shorts 
Character Shoes
Level 4+ and up: 
Pointe Shoes
Notebook or Journal 

New to Westside? Our classes are ongoing — join at any time!

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