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LogoSave the Date – Celebrate Yvonne Mounsey’s Centennial And The Generous Support Of The Sassounian Family!

On Saturday, June 8th, 2019, 5 pm at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, our Spring Gala will celebrate Westside Ballet’s co-founder Yvonne Mounsey’s 100th birthday as well as the generous support of the Sassounian Family. More details soon!

“God creates. I assemble …” – George Balanchine

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Founded by Yvonne Mounsey and Rosemary Valaire 45 years ago, the Westside Ballet of Santa Monica is a pre-professional ballet company which provides young dancers the performance opportunities that are vital to their artistic growth.

The performance preparations and presentations also develop a sense of discipline, teamwork and commitment in the dancers which remains with them throughout their lives.

Among its many enduring achievements, Westside Ballet has come to nurture dance in the community with affordable, accessible performances. The company introduces dance to disadvantaged youth by providing complimentary tickets to performances, and also offers reduced-ticket prices to many other youth groups.

Learn more about Project RELEVÉ | Raising the Barre: an opportunity to support the programs of Westside Ballet of Santa Monica.

Westside Ballet of Santa Monica is proud of its annual traditional production of The Nutcracker, nominated one of Pointe Magazine’s favorite in the nation, and an acclaimed Spring Showcase that includes a variety of classical, neoclassical and original works. The Company now comprises approximately 90 dancers, ages 8 to 18.

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Please note: The name Westside Ballet is used informally to refer to two separate organizations: Westside Ballet of Santa Monica, a non-profit 501(c)3, and Westside School of Ballet. Allegra Clegg is director of both the company and the school, but they are separate entities legally and financially.

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Corporate Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of The Huntley, Santa Monica’s legendary hotel, along with additional support from:

  • The City of Santa Monica
  • The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Monica College
  • Rotary Club of Santa Monica
  • The Los Angeles County Arts Commission
  • Ovation Entertainment
  • HBO

Huntley Santa Monica BeachCorporate sponsors receive multiple benefits. Please contact Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein at projectreleve@gmail.com for more information.

Board of Directors

Allegra Clegg
Martine Harley
Judith Meister
Nan Morales
Marisa Rooke
Francine Taylor
Caprice Walker


Allegra Clegg, CEO & President
Judith Meister, 1st Vice President and Treasurer
Caprice Walker, 2nd Vice-President
Marisa Rooke, Secretary


Richard Tahvildaran Jesswein, President
Trish Blessing, Vice President
Lynn Polite, Secretary
Lynne Campion, Treasurer
Jewels Solheim Roe, Director of Community Outreach
Julie Weinbach, Director of Education
Susan Winfield, Director of Hospitality and Membership
Nancy Drake, Artistic Liaison
Trish Blessing, Parent Liaison
Eric Finke, Backstage Dad Liaison
Liz Himelstein, Director-at-Large
Elisabeth Abarbanel, Director-at-Large

How to Give

Donate online with Paypal:

…or print the Pledge Form (PDF)

and mail to: Westside Ballet of Santa Monica
c/o Westside Ballet Guild
1709 Stewart Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

New to Westside? Our classes are ongoing — join at any time!

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