We are now MindBody friendly!

To start an online account, click here. Once your account is established, you can buy singles, class series or check in to classes using your computer, your iPhone, iPad or Android with the MindBody Connect App.

Please call our front desk or email mail@westsideballet.com if you have any questions about using MindBody, or if you want to make suggestions for our FAQ’s (see below).

Frequently Asked Questions about MindBody

What is MindBody?
MindBody is our student database. It is an online software system that allows you to easily sign up and pay for classes on your computer or smart phone.

How do I set up a MindBody account?
Use this link to set up an account.

How will MindBody connect me to my profile?
MindBody will ask specific questions about you to verify your identity.

What can I do with my MindBody account?
You can sign in for your classes ahead of time, buy class singles or series, keep track of your attendance and remaining classes, all from your computer or smart phone.

Can I set up my account in the MindBody connect App?
No. You will need to set up your account on a computer, tablet or smart phone with this link.

How do I download the MindBody Connect app?
For iPhone or iPad users: Search for the MindBody Connect app in the app store. For Android users: Search for the MindBody Connect app in either the Google Play store or the Amazon app store.

Are you still offering the discounted “Pro” rate for class series?
Yes. We offer our “Pro” rate for all current members of Dance Companies, SAG-AFTRA, AGMA, and AEA. These class series expire after 6 months, but your Pro membership on MindBody will expire after one year. Professional documentation must be emailed to mail@westsideballet.com in order for the Pro membership to be applied to an account.

Will there still be an expiration date for regular coupons?
Yes, there will still be a 90-day expiration date for all non-pro class credits. The expiration dates will not be extended unless you have documentation from a Doctor or Physical Therapist that you were unable to attend class. If approved, a one-time 1 month courtesy extension will be applied to your account.

Do I have to create a MindBody account?
Yes. Payment and registration can no longer be completed at the front desk.

Can I still sign in and buy my class series at the studio?
No. All purchases and registration must be completed via your own MindBody account.

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