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MindBody Instructions

All registered students have a MindBody account, generated by our staff. If you have not personally accessed your account before, please follow these instructions:

Westside Ballet Adult students, please use the MindBody link below to log in to your MindBody account to sign up and pay for online Zoom classes. You can also use your account to make contributions to our 1500 Angels Campaign: Save Our Studio!

We do not suggest using Facebook to sign in as it may create an extra MindBody account for you. If you have already logged into MindBody before and have used a password, please log in from the Left Square in the Center of the page that says “Log-In”.

You will be sent a Zoom Code 30 minutes before class, so please sign up before then if you are able. If you have not received your Zoom Code within this timeframe, please check your SPAM folder. Email francine@westsideballet.com for assistance with Zoom Codes or getting into Zoom.



If you have attended Westside School of Ballet classes before and you have not created a password, then enter your email address in the Log-in Box and click on “Need a new password”.

Please do not use the “Create an Account” box unless you have never attended Westside School of Ballet Classes and have never used MindBody for other businesses, otherwise you will end up with two profiles that will need to be merged.

Once online, click the Adult classes tab to select the class you want to take. If you do not have an existing class series, you will be led to pay from the Online store. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Online Class $10”. IF you don’t want to use your class series for now and prefer paying $10, go to the online store and buy an online class for $10 and that class will reconcile with the class that you purchase online.

If anyone has trouble, please email francine@westsideballet.com for help.

New to Westside? Our classes are ongoing — join at any time!

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