The Spring 2020 Soirée was postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

Serenade                Photo: Todd Lechtick                              Soloist: Renee Spaltenstein


Last year’s Spring Performance on Sunday,  June 9, followed our fourth annual fundraising gala on Saturday, June 8, when we celebrated our co-founder Yvonne Mounsey’s 100th birthday and the contributions of the Sassounian Family and The Huntley Beach Hotel.
On June 9th all our dancers took the stage for the Spring Performance which not only included Balanchine’s Serenade and Yvonne Mounsey’s signature ballet Classical Symphony, but Yvonne’s charming ballets Dances from Faust and Ecossaises, Caprice Walker’s striking Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra featuring Westside’s youngest dancers, and resident Jazz Director Michele Bachar’s decadent Cabaret!

Opening Défilé showcasing the entire company   Photo: Todd Lechtick

Credits: Video by Jay Gianukos, photos by Anne Slattery

The 2020 Soirée was postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

For over fifty years, Westside Ballet of Santa Monica’s Spring Performance has delighted Los Angeles audiences and served as a premier performance outlet for young dancers launching into professional dance careers with major companies around the world.

View Two Previews of the Westside Ballet of Santa Monica 2017 Spring Showcase:

Behind the Scenes: Flash Footage from Drew Roublick on Vimeo.

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