Adult Class Levels

On this page you will find an overview of our Adult Ballet class levels.

Please also see the Adults’ Ballet Schedule and the Registration and Price List page. While we make every effort to post accurate information, schedules and prices are subject to change without notice.

Ballet Basics

This class is for the absolute beginner or students who haven’t had ballet in many years. Emphasis is on barre work, basic placement, and introduction to ballet terminology.

Intro to Ballet

One step beyond Ballet Basics, this class emphasizes basic barre work and is also for those new to ballet, but have had some background. The pace is slow and the exercises are simple. Students may remain at this level until they feel comfortable with the basic movements and terminology of ballet. Mostly barre work and only a little bit of center work.

Beginning Ballet

At this level, the teacher assumes the students understand basic ballet positions, concepts and terminology. This class includes some center work (more than Intro) but the pace remains relatively slow.


This class has complete barre and center work. Exercises become more complex and the teacher assumes knowledge of ballet vocabulary and concepts. Some teachers’ emphasis may be more intermediate and move at a faster pace than beginner, so it’s good to explore a variety of teachers to find the one that suits you.


The pace of this class is more accelerated although the exercises are not overly complicated. Combining steps together and continuity of movement is emphasized.


This class is faster paced and the exercises are complex and challenging. This class is good for someone who has considerable ballet experience. As with the other mixed-level classes, it’s important to note that some teachers’ pace may be more intermediate, while others may be more advanced. We invite you to explore the classes to see which teacher suits you best.


This class is for the most experienced and skilled dancers, including pre-professional and professional dancers. The exercises are highly complex and the pace is challenging.

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