Please see the following Safety Measures and Guidelines:

All ADULTS who will be entering the studio or attending classes must fill out the following Liability Waiver:
All CHILDREN who will be entering the studio or attending classes must have the following Liability Waiver filled out by their PARENTS:

• Temperatures are taken before entry to our facility.

• There are sanitation stations (wipes and antibacterial gel) in every studio.

• High-performance air purifiers are placed in every studio.

• Large roll-up garage door in Studio 6 and front door remain open at all times during business hours, providing exceptional air flow and ventilation throughout the building.

• Cleaning staff sterilize the interior of the building with extra-strength disinfectants daily.

• Wipes are available for all students to clean their barre area.

• For fully vaccinated students, masks are optional. Consistent with CDC guidelines, unvaccinated students should wear masks.

• Students will be on a pre-registered list that will be monitored upon entry at the front of the building. 

• If you appear to be sick upon arriving at the studio, you will be required to leave at the request of our staff.

• If you become ill, a negative test must be submitted before returning to classes.

• You must bring your own water bottle. Water refills are permitted but no water fountain use. 

• NO GUESTS are permitted when you come to take class at the studio. This includes friends, family, children, etc.

• Students must leave the studio immediately following class.

     No stretching after class.     No socializing after class.

• If you or any member of your household/close contacts is ill please DO NOT come to the studio for class; take one of our Zoom classes. 

• Students will not be permitted entry prior to 5 minutes before the start of class.

• Students may not enter class more than 10 minutes after class has begun and must wait at the door to be invited in and placed at barre by the instructor. 

• Registration for adult classes is done strictly online via MindBody. There will be no direct contact with financial transactions. Each student must sign in/register online BEFORE they arrive to ensure they will have a place in class. 

• Adult students will be charged for class if reservation cancellations are made less than 2 hours prior to class start time. 

• Showering at the studio is not permitted. 

• Most adult classes are also available on Zoom.

Our Management, Faculty and Staff look forward to seeing you in class and will provide the safest environment possible to achieve that goal.

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