Pre-Professoinal Ballet (Level 7) is for the dedicated, advanced student with a desire to pursue ballet seriously.

Mastery of pointe work, further development of artistry, expressive movement, advanced center work and repertoire.

By evaluation in Level VI

Dancer: Shelby Tzung. Photo copyright Todd Lechtick.

Full-Time 12 classes per week.
No Part Time students.
Black Leotard Light pink tights, light pink
ballet shoes, hair in neat bun
Technique 4:00-5:45*
Pointe C  6:00-7:00
Technique 4:00-5:45*
Pointe C 6:00-7:00
Technique 4:00-5:45*
Repertoire 5:45-7:00
Technique 4:00-5:30

Choreography Workshop 5:30 – 7:00

Technique 4:00-5:45*
Pointe C  6:00-7:00
Technique 10:30-12:00
Advanced Pas de Deux 12:00-1:00

*Class includes pointe center. Students should come prepared with pointe shoes ready for center work.

Please Note: Repertoire, Pointe and Pas de Deux must be preceded by a technique class to ensure a dancer is properly warmed up and prepared.