Nutcracker before 1985

The Nutcracker 1984

Cover, Nutcracker 1984December 22,
Royce Hall, UCLA

Selected Casting:
Marcie Ryken-Lewis or Tresa Harrington as Sugarplum Fairy; Laurence Blake as Her Cavalier; Wendi Berry or Rachel Martin as Center Spanish; Veronica Apodaca as Arabian; Kim Craven as Dew Drop Fairy

Matinee and Gala Evening Benefit, featuring alumni of Westside Ballet

Program cover photo by Steve Mason

The Nutcracker 1980

Cover, Nutcracker 1980La Mirada Civic Theatre

Selected Casting:
Karel Shimoff (guest artist, Los Angeles Ballet) as Sugarplum Fairy; Lawrence Rosenberg as Her Cavalier; Isabelle Harley, Lynn Stewart or Michelle Zeitlin as Center Spanish; Jacqueline Lywen as Arabian; Caprice Walker, Martine Harley or Marcie Ryken-Lewis as Dew Drop Fairy; Martine Harley or Marcie Ryken-Lewis as Snow Queen, Joseph Grywalski or Sven Toorvald as Snow Cavalier

Program is undated, but cover sketch is signed ’80. Production was co-sponsored by Cerritos College Children’s Theatre and La Mirada Civic Theatre.

Note to Alumni:

Do you have a Nutcracker program older than 1984? We’d love to see it, and add the casting information to our Nutcracker archive. Our first Nutcracker performance was 1973.

Archive based on information in printed programs; may not reflect casting changes made at performance time.

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