A Message From Miss Martine

To All Students,

As we approach the warmer days of summer, I wanted to give some important reminders. All students should be coming to their assigned classes, with the exception of those away at pre-approved Summer Intensives.

Missing even a few days of class is critical to training and development. Missing a week or two invites injury. We have a year-round training program at Westside School of Ballet; year-round attendance is mandatory for full-time students Levels 3-7 who are wanting to be cast in Nutcracker and Spring Performance.

If you are going to an approved summer intensive, you should not take off time from daily training prior to or afterwards. A summer intensive is not a place to get in shape–it is a place to enter at your very best, train intensively for several weeks and return to Westside much improved. You should attend with specific goals to achieve.

Attendance in adult classes is allowed for upper-level students, with my specific approval, the weeks of August 8th-23rd only when we have no children’s classes. Outside of those dates, all full-time upper-level students should be taking class daily in our regular schedule that ends June 13th and our summer program that begins June 15th and ends August 7th. Students should not train outside of our program without my direct approval and consent.

You have worked hard this past year and made me very proud with our many Nutcracker performances and our two performances of Spring Fling. Losing the progress we have made in technique this past year is not an option.

I will look forward to seeing you all in our regular classes until Saturday, June 13th and then in our summer classes commencing June 15th until August 7th. Our regular Fall classes will resume on Monday, August 24th. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at the studio or set up a meeting through the front desk.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.


Martine Harley
Artistic Director
Westside School of Ballet

Martine Harley, Artistic Director

Martine Harley, Artistic Director


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