Pre-Ballet A, Age 4 

An introduction to ballet movement, musicality, rhythm, spatial awareness and following directions.

Pre-Ballet B & C, Ages 5-6

An introduction to ballet, beginning development of ballet concepts including turn out, coordination, spatial awareness and a specific focus on class etiquette.

Students will begin positions of the feet, and introductory movement vocabulary.

One technique class per week (choose one) Pink tights, or tights to match skin tone and slippers
Pre-Ballet A: 4 years old Pale Yellow leotard Class Times TBA 
Pre-Ballet B: 5 years old by December 1, 2019 Lavender leotard
Pre-Ballet C: 6 years by December 1, 2019 Fuschia leotard
*Students who turn 4 years old after December 1 will take 2 years of Pre-Ballet A.