Please see the Guidelines we will be following to safely open:

Westside School of Ballet will be thoroughly cleaning the studio nightly with extra sanitizing measures for safe operations of business. In addition, all ballet barres, doorknobs, door handles, light switches and surfaces will be cleaned between each class during operating hours. The studio will be staggering classes in order to limit the number of students in the facility at any given time. The Studio will be divided into 2 separate areas with a temporary partition. 

All ADULTS who will be entering the studio or attending classes must fill out the following Liability Waiver:

All CHILDREN who will be entering the studio or attending classes must have the following Liability Waiver filled out by their PARENTS:

• 14 day quarantine after all travel is mandatory before coming to the studio.

• Entry for classes in Studio 6 will be thru the Back Entrance (off Nebraska).

• Entry for classes in Studio 4, 5 and 7 will be thru the Front Entrance (Stewart)

• Limited Class Sizes

OUTDOOR STUDIO: 17 students stationary barres only

STUDIO 4​: 10 student​s stationary barres only 

STUDIO 5: ​18 students – ​12 on stationary barres ​6 on portable barres

STUDIO 6 : 25 students – ​13 on stationary barres 12 on portable barres

STUDIO 7: ​16 students – ​12 on stationary barres ​4 on portable barres

• Registering for class is done strictly online via MindBody. There will be no direct contact with financial transactions. Each student must sign in/register online BEFORE they arrive to ensure they will have a place in class. 

• Students will be on a pre-registered list that will be monitored at each entry point. 

• Forehead thermometer test is required of anyone entering the studio, from the front or rear entrance. Anyone with a fever will not be admitted. 

• Masks are required to enter the facility. Masks must be worn in all common areas of the studio and during all classes. Students must provide their own masks.

• NO GUESTS are permitted when you come to take class at the studio. This includes friends, family, children, etc.

• A schedule of adult classes offered is posted on our website. 

• Adult students will be charged for class if we are not notified at least 2 hours prior to class start time. 

• Students will not be permitted to enter the building until the prior class has left the building and the studios are empty and have been sanitized before the next class begins. A line will form outside the front and rear entrances. The scheduled classes have staggered start and end times to accommodate these protocols. Dancers must wait outside at a 6” distance until the studio is ready.

• Class attendance is on a first come, first served basis. Most classes are also available online via Zoom. 

• There will be a sanitizing station in each studio and at the front and rear entrances.

• Students in Studio 5 & 6 will use the dressing room-restrooms exclusively. Students in Studio 4 and 7 will use the lobby restrooms exclusively. 

• All students must arrive dressed for class and only utilize the restroom for that purpose. Dressing in the restroom or changing area is not permitted. Showering at the studio is not permitted. 

• Students must leave the studio immediately following class.

     No stretching after class.     No socializing after class.

• Patrons of the Ballet Shop will not be permitted to use our facilities as a dressing room.

• It is mandatory that you bring a small hand towel or barre towel (available at The Ballet Shop) and a larger towel/beach towel if you are going to stretch on the floor.

• If you or any member of your household is ill please do not come to the studio for class, take one of our Zoom classes. 

• You must bring your own water bottle. Water refills are permitted but no water fountain use. 

• Students may not touch and must keep a 6’ distance from each other.

• Students may not enter class more than 10 minutes after class has begun and must wait at the door to be invited in and placed at barre by the instructor. 

• All students who do not cancel their reservation at least 2 hours before class will be charged for class.

• Students MAY NOT enter the building prior to 15 minutes before the start of their class.

• There is a strict limit to the size of all classes and therefore we sometimes cannot accommodate those students who are waitlisted. 


Our Management, Faculty and Staff look forward to seeing you in class and will provide the safest environment possible to achieve that goal.

New to Westside? Our classes are ongoing — join at any time!

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